Garrison Brooks transfers to Mississippi State

LeMarcus Aldridge retiring

Cincinnatti Basketball hires Wes Miller

Based on the broadcast and the notes that I took, there are notable differences between writing for the ear, or broadcast, and writing where people read the story, such as newspapers. …

James Hampton dies

Matt James and Rachel Kirkconnell are not back together

Space Jam trailer releases

To summarize this article, in order for a news story or news article to be great is that you have to clearly state what happened and you have to make sure that people care about what you are writing or talking about.

When we ask ourselves “what happened?”, we can…

Cicadas are coming back

Raccoon on the loose

Baby Airborn

Loyola takes down Illinois

Rutgers wins in first NCAA Tournament appearance in 30 years

Oral Roberts takes down Ohio State

President Biden signs Covid bill, relieving families

New York Gov. Cuomo in danger of job after sexual harassment claims

Matthew McConaughey considering running for governor of Texas

New Zealanders evacuate after Tsunami threat

Pope visits Iraq for the first time

China to “overhaul” Hong Kong electoral system

Potato Head toys to come as gender-neutral

Costco to raise its minimum wage

California becomes the first state to reach 50,000 Covid-19 related deaths

6 question types

(1)Close-ended and (2)open-ended questions

(3)Hypothetical question

(4)Agree/disagree question

(5)Probing question

(6)Personal question

Joseph Scout Hughes

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