Two questions stories should answer assignment by Joseph Scout Hughes

To summarize this article, in order for a news story or news article to be great is that you have to clearly state what happened and you have to make sure that people care about what you are writing or talking about.

When we ask ourselves “what happened?”, we can start with some noun-verb-object construction. That is a noun sandwich with a verb as the patty. You have a noun, along with a verb that the first noun acted on to the second noun. The examples that the article gave were: Brewers beat Cubs, Mayor blasts city council, University passes budget.

When we ask ourselves “why do I care?”, we have to realize that not everyone is going to be drawn into the story that you are telling. You also have to ask yourself, “do I care?” If I don’t care about what I am writing about, then my audience will most likely not, be interested.